About Us

Miura Knives is a Japanese cutleries store, located in Nagoya City.
These cutleries are carefully selected and appreciated in Japan and abroad.
We ship products from Japan to worldwide.

This blog contains information and curiosities about Japanese knives, which are the flagship of Miura Knives.

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The Brand

The Miura knives brand has originated from the family name of the company owner, Keiti Miura.

Miura knives are the result of quality, practicality originality and modernity with a pinch of boldness. The Miura knives handle has a modern and innovative design, fitting easily into hand. The blade material is easy to sharpen and hard to rust, which facilitates the maintenance. The main purpose is to fulfil all types and tastes of customers, offering them knives carefully manufactured and made from selected materials.

Keiti Miura has traveled around the world, and his passion to interact with people from different countries pushed him to start a international business, shipping Japanese knives to worldwide. Therefore, the interactivity with customers matters a lot to Mr. Miura, once he really appreciates their feedback and, also, constructive criticisms.